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Mission Statement

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Statement of Mission, Goals, and Objectives


The University YMCA shall challenge and nurture the mind and spirit of individuals and communities to develop and practice ethical principles and responsible leadership for social justice and the integrity of our natural world.

Goals and Objectives

Persons both on and beyond the University of Illinois campus participate in a wide variety of social, political and educational experiences. These experiences can be incomplete, unrelated or in conflict for many persons or groups, limiting their ability to achieve wholeness and purpose of life. The YMCA at the University of Illinois provides new and challenging opportunities that help to expand the vision, deepen the spirituality, and achieve a more meaningful integration of the array of ideas, knowledge and skills gained from these experiences. To do this, the University YMCA focuses on the following goals and objectives.

1. Stimulate spiritual, intellectual and ethical growth through:

  • Encouraging an informed, questioning, and challenging approach to the development of values in an inclusive, ecumenical context that reflects both the YMCA’s Christian heritage and its continuing commitment to openness to other faiths or life experiences.
  • Promoting awareness of one’s relationship to oneself, others, and the world.
  • Facilitating a diversity of viewpoints, expressions, and experiences.
  • Advocating integration of values, knowledge, and actions through informational and experiential programs.

2. Foster good interpersonal and intergroup relationships through:

  • Inviting individuals and groups with differing backgrounds and perspectives to join in YMCA activities.
  • Encouraging openness, sharing, active communication and collaboration among groups, and individuals.
  • Honoring the contributions of groups, individuals, events and ideals.
  • Providing integrative experiences among students, faculty, staff, alumni and wider communities.

3. Promote international and intercultural awareness and respect through:

  • Increasing awareness of international issues and working for world peace, social and environmental justice.
  • Promoting formal and informal interaction and dialogue between citizens of the US and the international community.
  • Maintaining the YMCA legacy of advocating for the well-being of international students and their families.
  • Developing experiential opportunities for fostering understanding of other cultures and promoting a spirit of mutual community development.
  • Collaborating with other agencies and organizations which serve the needs of students and others who experience discrimination or disadvantage because of culture, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or other factors.

4. Encourage leadership in all of our work through:

  • Identifying and recruiting persons with leadership potential and diverse backgrounds.
  • Providing training in leadership skills.
  • Fostering multiple and diverse leadership opportunities.
  • Recognizing and rewarding leadership.
  • Increasing communication among leaders.

5. Promote social, political and economic justice and the maintenance of the integrity of the natural world through:

  • Heightening awareness of these issues at all levels through disciplined study, direct experience, and critical reflection.
  • Stimulating vigorous dialogue and debate about these issues.
  • Encouraging creative and responsible social action, especially at the grass roots level.


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