The Bailey Scholarship Program has always sought to develop student leaders who will contribute to the solution of the world’s problems and to financially assist those same students whose academic progress will be aided by receiving the financial award. The newly approved changes in the Bailey Scholarship Program will ensure that this mission continues to be creatively and thoughtfully embraced in the future.

- Ed Nestingen

–Ed Nestingen, Former Director, Bailey Scholarship


Why your gift matters

After more than two decades as the University Y Program Director, Ed Nestingen took on the responsibility of serving as the Director of the Bailey Scholarship program until his retirement in 1991.

Throughout his tenure, Ed was single minded in his focus on helping students develop as leaders who would have an impact on the problems facing their community and our world.  Although in his mid-nineties, Ed continues to preach the importance of helping these students meet the skyrocketing cost of higher education.

Today, the Bailey Scholarship committee is proud to continue this legacy.  Your gift helps us support students not just financially but developmentally through workshops, leadership trainings, and enrichment activities.

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