Dump & Run Sale: August 2016

The phrase “Dump & Run” describes what happens in May when students move out – they can “dump” (get rid of stuff) and “run” (leave so they can finish moving out of their apartments). Local residents also donate some great furniture and used items. In August, we invite everyone, including International Students, to shop at the sale of these items so they can furnish their apartments and acquire school supplies and other things at low or inexpensive prices.

This is a slideshow of items we sold in the past!


On the first day of the sale, most people have to pay $2 to enter the sale. However, International Students who present a FREE TICKET can get into the sale for free. Tickets will be available at the U of I International Student and Scholar Services at the new student check-in activities. Bring cash, check or credit card to the sale to pay for the items you select.

Please explore the rest of this site to find out dates, times, and locations. Also, you can sign up to volunteer!