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Engineers Without Borders

About EWB

Engineers Without Borders is an international nonprofit organization committed to advancing the quality of life in impoverished countries via socioeconomically and ecologically sustainable engineering projects. Students from all disciplines design and implement these projects. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign chapter is founded on the philosophy of helping developing countries while also holding local events to educate our community about sustainable development. The descriptions of our projects are as follows:

This project is attempting to provide a sustainable water distribution system for the village of Adu Achi in Enugu state, Nigeria.  Achieving sustainability of the already implemented system requires strengthening the community management, educating the community in avoiding water contamination, and facilitating local partnerships.
Project lead: Drew Bishop (, Kevin Weyant (
Nigeria meets: 8pm on Thursdays in EH 112

The Guatemala Water Project has been working with Wuqu' Kawoq, a Guatemalan medical NGO, since 2007 to design and implement a sustainable drinking water treatment system in several communities in Guatemala. Over 600 biosand filters have been implemented, significantly increasing the quality of life of community members by decreasing the incidence of diarrheal diseases by 50%.
Project lead: Hanting Wang (, Vijesh Tanna (
Guatemala meets: 6pm on Mondays in 2310 Yeh Center  

2011 marked the beginning of an additional sanitation initiative in the village, and in May 2012, the team began implementation of safe and sanitary latrines in the community. The sanitation project continues to monitor the latrines in use and under construction.
Kelly Nygren (, Kevin Anderson (
Cameroon meets: 6pm on Wednesdays and 1pm on Sundays in EH 112

Officers' Contact Info
President – Reshimina William (
VP Internal – Nora Onstad (
VP External – Katie Neville (
Treasurer – Alex Yelin (
Information – Nao Nishio (
Events and Outreach – Tan Nilgianskul (