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The University YMCA no longer offers lunch tickets as an amenity for guests who attend the lecture. However, University YMCA student member may receive a discounted lunch for $3.00 in attendance of a Friday Forum lecture. Interested in learning more about what it means to be a University YMCA student member? Contact us at 217-337-1500 and ask to talk to the University YMCA's Development Associate.

Learn More about Y Thai! The Daily Illini covered Y Thai Eatery on 3/14/2012 in an article titled "Hidden YMCA Restaurant: 'Thai it, You'll Like it!'"

There are several lunch options offered at the Y Thai & Chinese Eatery's lunch counter, including:

1. Chicken Fried Rice & Eggroll (veggie or meat)
2. Shrimp & Turkey Pad Thai
3. Tofu Pad Thai (spicy)
4. Red Curry Chicken (spicy)
5. Tofu Basil
6. Stir Fry Chicken & Vegetables
7. Spicy Fish & Vegetables
8. General Chicken
9. Hunan Beef
10. Chicken with Broccoli

(Some menu items are subject to change without prior notice)

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