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Media Coverage:

Latino Youth Empowerment Program Launches
11/4/2015, Fox Illinois (Video)

University YMCA Hosts Day of The Dead Celebration (Cosmo Coffee)
10/31/2015, Fox Illinois (Video)

Y Eatery Reopens Next Week
10/23/2015, Rebecah Pulsifer, Smile Politely

University YMCA Offers Free Pick Up For Donations (Dump &Run)
7/22/2015, WAND TV (Text)

Here's what's happening on the art scene (Art @ the Y)
4/12/2015, The News Gazette

Alternative Seasonal Breaks Sends Volunteers Nationwide (ASB)
2/3/2015, Anwen Parrott, The Daily Illini

A Different Depiction (Art @ the Y)
11/21/2014, Anwen Parrot, Buzz Magazine

Students vote in favor of $1 bicycle-releated planning fee (BikeFace)
11/14/2014, Estefania Florez, The Daily Illini

Referendum Opens Today With Bike Fee Proposal (BikeFace)
11/12/2014, Estefania Florez, The Daily Illini

Ebola 101 Discussion Clears Up Common Misconceptions (Sierra Leone YMCA Partnership)
11/11/2014, Camille Murray, The Daily Illini

Outbreak 'teach-ins' set at UI (Sierra Leone YMCA Partnership)
11/8/2014, Julie Wurth, The News Gazette

Dia De Los Muertos Offers Opportunity To Celebrate Life (Cosmo Coffee)
11/3/2014, Becky Nguyen, The Daily Illini

Studio Visit: Marilynn Dean Cleveland
5/25/2014, Melissa Merli, The News Gazette

Pete Seeger's 1958 visit to the U of I amidst the Red Scare
4/30/2014, Brian Dollinar, Smile Politely

Campus Earth Week Activities Scheduled (SECs, Green Observer)
11/20/2014, Rob Kanter, The News-Gazette

Prison Justice Project Joins University YMCA (Prison Justice Project)
4/16/2014, Stephane Kim, The Daily Illini

Boneyards Best (Art @ the Y)
4/12/2014, Melissa Merli, The News-Gazette

Edible Book Festival Presents Books So Good You Can Eat Them
4/1/2014, Annabeth Carlson, The Daily Illini

Eating Scripts, Words, Novels, and Fairytales
3/31/2014, Aaliyah Gibson, The Daily Illini

YMCA Fundraises to Fill Unrenewed Grant Deficit
3/18/2014, Claire Hettinger, The Daily Illini

Exhibit Opens This Week at University Y (Art @ the Y)
3/2/2014, The News-Gazette, The News-Gazette

Student Proposes Additional $1 Student Fee For Bicycle-Related Planning (BikeFace)
2/19/2014, Megan Jones, The Daily Illini

Precious Liquid (EWB)
12/4/2013, Jesse Black, The Daily Illini

University YMCA to Participate in #GivingTuesday
12/3/2013, Ariana Conner, The Daily Illini

Immigrant Aid Program Needs Donors (Immigrant Friendly Communities Initiative)
11/8/2013, Christine Des Garennes, The News-Gazette

Majority Votes "Yes" to Divest Endowment (SECs)
11/19/2013, Claire Everett, The Daily Illini

Typhoon Hits Home From Miles Away (PSA)
11/19/2013,Stephanie Drucker, The Daily Illini

Vote "Yes" On Referendum On University Divestment From te Coal Industry (SECs)
11/13/2013, Tyler Rotche, The Daily Illini

Principals Over Profit: The YMCA Takes a Stand
11/13/2013, Daily Illini Editorial Board, The Daily Illini

Army of Young People Addressing Climate Crisis (SECs)
11/10/2013, Rob Kanter, The News-Gazette

University YMCA Adds to Staff
10/27/2013, Don Dodson, The News-Gazette

Activist Promotes Long-Term Effort to Achieve Equality
09/28/2013, Christine Des Garennes, The News-Gazette

Fighting Illini Fight to Right the World (Friday Forum)
3/9/2013, Rev. Dr. Cindi Love, Huffington Post

Social Justice Awards Announced (La Colectiva)
2/19/2013, The News-Gazette, The News-Gazette

Beyond Coal to help form 'human pipeline' (SECs)
2/15/2013, Claire Everett, The Daily Illini

Artists on the Environment features local artists' concerns for the planet (Art @ the Y)
1/25/2013, Jacqueline Ogrodnik, Daily Illini

Studio Visit: Molly Briggs (Art @ the Y)
11 /20/2013, Melissa Merli, The News-Gazette

Beyond Coal supporters urge University to divest in coal (SECs)
12/9/2012, Claire Everett, The Daily Illini

US should create uniform immigration reform rather than leaving it up to the states (La Colectiva)
11/29/2012, The Daily Illini Editorial Board, The Daily Illini

Student resolution urges University to keep investments out of coal industries (SECs)
11/29/12, Corinne Ruff, The Daily Illini

Students protest violence toward civilians in Gaza Strip (Interfaith In Action)
11/28/12, Austin Keating, The Daily Illini

Student Sustainability Committee to discuss funds for sustainability proposals
(SECS, The Green Observer) 11/28/12, Claire Everett, The Daily Illini

Pulitzer-prize journalist talks immigration, life as undocumented resident (Friday Forum)
10/25/2012, Pam G. Dempsey, CU-Citizen Access

Journalist discusses his life as an undocumented immigrant in America (Friday Forum)
10/24/2012, Jacqueline Ogrodnik, The Daily Illini

University YMCA hosting new exhibition (Art @ the Y)
10/17/2012, The News-Gazette, The News-Gazette

"The Way to Start a Weekend: Los Condenados Huastecos at the Y!" (Art @ the Y)
10/15/2012, The Sandwich Life, The Sandwich Life.

After agreement to end coal use by 2017, group aims to divest UI of coal interests (SECs)
9/19/12, Claire Everett, The Daily Illini

Fighting the Good Fight while America sleeps (Friday Forum)
9/17/2012, Tracy Nectoux, Smile Politely

Former US Sen. Feingold Visits University of Illinois (Friday Forum)
9/14/2012, Sean Powers, Illinois Public Media News

Feingold: Policy debate 'trivialized with cheap shots' (Friday Forum)
9/14/2012, Tom Kaciech, The News-Gazette

YMCA exhibit displays inmates' art (Art @ the Y)
8/31/2012, Klaudia Dukala, Daily Illini

Ex-senator Feingold first in Fall 2012 Friday Forum series (Friday Forum)
8/30/2012, The News-Gazette, The News-Gazette

"Ignorance, distance generate hate intolerance, hate crimes" (Faith & Justice)
08/28/2012, Nora Ibrahim, The Daily Illini.

"Vigil held for students killed in Wisconsin, mosque burning in Missouri" (Faith & Justice)
08/10/2012, Tim Mitchell, The News-Gazette.

"Interfaith Vigil Held Following Temple Shooting, Mosque Fire" (Faith & Justice)
08/09/2012, Sean Powers, WILL-AM.

"Multifaith Vigil" (Faith & Justice)
08/09/2012, WICD-15.

"Vigil planned on UI campus following recent shooting in Wisconsin" (Faith & Justice)
08/08/2012, The News-Gazette.

Forum to focus on governor's latest pension plans
4/24/2012, The News-Gazette

Friday Forum lectures set
1/31/2012, The News-Gazette

"Events planned to mark King holiday"
01/11/2012, Patrick Wade, The News-Gazette.

'Green' student magazine hits stands today (The Green Observer)
10/18/2011, The Daily Illini

Waveland Art Exhibit Takes University YMCA by Storm
10/16/2011, Eleanor Turek, Daily Illini

Congo Week raises awareness of ‘humanitarian crisis’ (Invisible Conflicts)
10/16/2011, Jamila Tyler, The Daily Illini

South Quad landscaping project shows Illinois’ past (Red Bison & SECS)
10/13/2011, Avani Chhaya, The Daily Illini

Illini Biodiesel Initiative recycles used vegetable oil for sustainability (EWB)
10/13/2011, Catherine Bennett, The Daily Illini

Volunteers plan to pack 54,000 meals (Interfaith in Action)
10/13/2011, Julie Wurth, The News-Gazette

Amnesty International hosts inaugural naked bike ride (Amnesty International)
10/09/2011, Thomas Thoren, The Daily Illini

Students visit coal plants for Coal to Clean Energy Tour (SECS)
10/02/2011, Avani Chhaya, The Daily Illini

Fast-a-thon held to stimulate support for starving Somalians (Interfaith in Action)
09/29/2011, Rebecca Taylor, The Daily Illini

Weekend Retreat Focuses on Leadership
9/25/2011, Carina Lee, Daily Illini

Bolokada Conde shares his music on campus (Art @ the Y)
09/18/2011, Eleanor Turek, The Daily Illini
Audio from event

Bolokada Conde shares his music on campus (Art @ the Y)
09/18/2011, Eleanor Turek, The Daily Illini

Family Picks welcomes fall with festivals, music and more! (Art @ the Y)
09/16/2011, Julie Wurth, The News-Gazette

Environmental Action Night spotlights UI green groups (SECs)
09/07/2011, Avani Chhaya, The Daily Illini

Friday Forum series to address public education (Friday Forum)
9/05/2011, The News-Gazette

Recycling Project gives trash a new home (Dump & Run)
08/22/2011, Jamal Collier, The Daily Illini.

Dump And Run Sale Filled With Treasure (Dump & Run)
08/21/2011 Jeff Wagner, WCIA3 News

The University YMCA Dump & Run (Dump & Run)
08/20/2011, Michell Elloy, The 217 - Buzz

Buy eco-friendly and save your money (Dump & Run)
8/19/2011, Lauren Hise, The 217 - Buzz

Dump and Run events scheduled (Dump & Run)
08/02/2011, The News-Gazette.

University Y plans alternative orientation for UI students
6/22/2011, Paul Wood, The News-Gazette

"Dump and Run helps rid students of unwanted items"
05/17/2011, Carina Lee, The Daily Illini.

UIUC Disappoints Environmental Community (SECs)
05/2011, Katie Kinley, The Public

Hogan: Decision to pass Ill. DREAM Act ‘a step in the right direction’ (La Colectiva)
05/09/2011, Avani Chhaya, The Daily Illini

Organizations look to help students recycle during move-out (Dump & Run)
05/06/2011, The Daily Illini

Dump and Run organizers put out call for volunteers (Dump & Run)
05/02/2011, Paul Wood,The News-Gazette.

One-on-one with Amy Allen, President for Students of Environmental Concerns (SECs)
04/19/2011, Whitney McGowan, The Daily Illini

Items being accepted for sale with environmental focus (Dump & Run)
04/19/2011, The County Star

"Students hope to foster interfaith understanding" (Interfaith In Action)
04/16/2011, Avani Chhaya, The Daily Illini.

Group raises money, awareness for undocumented students (La Colectiva)
04/14/2011, Rachel Musnicki, The Daily Illini

Opinions columnists at The Daily Illini weigh in on undocumented students (La Colectiva)
04/14/2011, The Daily Illini

Undocumented students protest lack of education rights (La Colectiva)
04/10/2011, Candice Norwood, The Daily Illini

Students hope to foster interfaith understanding (Interfaith in Action)
04/06/2011, Avani Chhaya, The Daily Illini

Asian student organizations spearhead Japanese relief efforts (PSA)
03/29/2011, The Daily Illini

Patterson debuts 23 Portraits tomorrow night at University Y (Art @ the Y)
02/23/2011, Caleb Curtiss, Smile Politely

YMCA rolls out newly renovated facilities
02/10/2011, Ajiboye Olayemi, Daily Illini

University Y re-opening rescheduled
02/07/2011, The News-Gazette

Art at Swann Special Care Center (Art @ the Y)
02/02/2011, Mark Laughlin, Smile Politely

UI wants $1.2 million from students for wind turbine (SECs)
01/31/2011, Patrick Wade, The News-Gazette

'Grand Re-Opening' set at University YMCA
01/31/2011, Paul Wood, The News-Gazette

RSO of the Week: Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
11/17/2010, Kevin Fergus, The Daily Illini

PSA hosts conference to strengthen cultural community (PSA)
11/03/2010, The Daily Illini

The Green Observer Debuts as University of Illinois’ Go Green Newspaper (The Green Observer)
11/02/2010, Kelsey Martin, Her Campus Illinois

New photo exhibit at YMCA/YWCA captures experience of life in Pakistan (Art @ the Y)
09/23/2010, Renee Wunderlich, The Daily Illini

University Y awards $100,000 in scholarship (Fred S. Bailey Scholarship For Cause-Driven Leaders)
9/21/2010, The News-Gazette

Campus Y getting major upgrades
09/10/2010, Julie Wurth, The News-Gazette

"The Annual YMCA Dump and Run"
08/25/2010, Blog, The (Mis)Adventures of an International Student

Phase one of YMCA renovations wind down
07/29/2010, Jack Vebber, The Daily Illini

"YMCA to host 9th Annual Dump and Run"
7/26/2010, The Daily Illini.

Protest over BP oil spill planned for Urbana farmer's market (SECS)
07/24/2010, Julie Wurth, The News-Gazette

Interfaith in Action responds to chalking activities (Interfaith in Action)
05/12/2010, Stephanie Tussing, The Daily Illini

That old mattress? Uh, thanks but no thanks (Dump & Run)
4/29/2010, Paul Wood, The News-Gazette.

Benefit concert provides insight, entertainment (Amnesty International)
04/26/2010, Negin Mashaiee, The Daily Illini

One Million Meals for Haiti still needs volunteers to meet goal (Interfaith in Action)
04/22/2010, Daleela Beckford, The Daily Illini

One Million Meals for Haiti still needs volunteers to meet goal (Interfaith in Action)
04/01/2010, Daleela Beckford, The Daily Illini

University of Illinois' money gone green (SECS)
03/10/2010, Smile Politely

"Beyond Coal" Campaign (SECS)
03/10/2010, Smile Politely

A Chance for Students to Take the Lead: The Sustainable Campus Referendum (SECS)
02/25/2010, Amy Allen, SECS, The Daily Illini

YMCA, Cosmpolitan Club feature international event (Global Engagement)
02/25/2010, Brynn Twait, The Daily Illini

Artist to give talk on vandalized installation
12/03/2009, The News-Gazette

UI Philippine group lends hand to typhoon victims (PSA)
10/22/2009, Avani Chhaya, The Daily Illini

Philippine Student Associations presents annual fashion show (PSA)
03/24/2009, The Daily Illini

N.C. filmmaker to present pro-vegan film at University YMCA
10/06/2008, The News-Gazette

"Dump and Run shoppers snatch up useful items"
8/25/2008, Julie Wurth, The News-Gazette.

Spring break volunteer effort focuses on Illinois (ASB)
02/04/2008, Christine Des Garennes, The News-Gazette

Campus cleans up creek for Earth Day (EWB, SECS)
04/21/2006, Erin Lindsay, The Daily Illini

The U of I’s Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS)
09/22/2005, Rob Kanter, Environmental Almanac

Students for Environmental Concerns prepares for 6th annual Action Night (SECS)
09/01/2005, Erin Renzas, The Daily Illini

"Letter: Cut Down on Waste"
04/14/2005, Danielle Shumacher, The Daily Illini.

UI students bring light to Indian village (EWB)
01/21/2005, Katie Heinz, The Daily Illini

YMCA Friday Forum addresses interfaith relations
10/4/2004, Frank Krolicki , The Daily Illini

It's smart to stay at the YMCA
03/18/2004, Ernst Lamothe Jr., The News-Gazette

University YMCA sets schedule for lecture series
09/09/2003, The News-Gazette