Principles of Stewardship

In 2009, our Board adopted a set of principles to guide the stewardship of our building. Using those Principles of Stewardship as a guide, we reframed the scope and goals of the renovation project focusing on how it will advance our mission and increase the impact of our programming.

  1. The Building is an asset that needs regular long term investments. Expenditures on building improvements should be viewed as an investment not just an expense. The Building Committee serves as an advocate to ensure the Building receive the resources it needs.
  2. The Building and its location are integral parts of our mission. When determining possible uses a key factor that that should be consider in the decision is how a particular use helps meet and advance our mission.
  3. The Building should reflect our values. If we accept that the building is part of our mission, it should also reflect our values. This means we adopt practices and policies that reflect our commitment to social justice and protecting our natural world.
  4. The Building plays an important role in determining how visitors, tenants, students and members of the general public perceive the University YMCA. We should strive to ensure that building users (visitors, tenants, students) have a safe, positive and comfortable experience.