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To request a workshop for your organization or community, please contact the staff member listed below. Workshops should be requested two weeks in advance for full consideration.

Burnout is a political and movement issue. Every year committed leaders and activists suffer and drop out of our community because they have burnt out. Learn how to identify when you or others in your group are suffering from burnout, strategies for coping with burnout, and how to keep your group progressing despite obstacles.

Led by: Kasey Umland

University of Illinois Funding Boards distribute thousands of dollars to student groups for research projects, equipment, travel, and large-scale events. In this workshop, students will learn to navigate the different funding boards and best practices for submitting applications to Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF), Student Cultural Programming Fee (SCPF), Program Coordinating Council (PPC), and Student Sustainability Committee (SSC).

Led by: Kasey Umland

Fundraising is critical for a successful student group or organization — it is also a key skill that you will use in the real world.

Through this workshop, students will identify fundraising opportunities, see what makes an event successful, and learn how to ask for money more effectively.

Led by: Emily Cross

This workshop provides an introduction into what it means to be a cause-driven leader and how the Cause-Driven Leadership Competency Model provides a framework for developing leadership skills. Participants will gain hands-on experience assessing their competency strengths and opportunities for growth and become familiar with the tools and resources available to support their competency development.

+This workshop can be altered to support basic team-building

Led by: Kasey Umland

With an understanding of how your group is positioned to work, we will analyze relevant power dynamics, the current lay of the land, and focus in on developing a Theory of Change — the strategic rationale of your campaign, Why and how will your approach and strategies get you to where you want to go?

Led by: Tyler Rotche

Building an online following, and building support for your issue, comes from communicating authentically with your community. In this session, you will learn to understand your story, identify the basic elements of social media and email, and learn messaging techniques for different media.

This session will also cover the key elements of a communications strategy using exercises to establish goals, target audiences, and develop messages that move people to action.

+This workshop might also be altered to cover basics in layout and design.

Led by: Megan Flowers

Hosting events is an essential part of our work — rallies to earn media attention, bake sales to get $$$, movie screenings, panels, and dialogues to earn support and make change. Nevertheless, each event presents the same fear: what if no one shows up?

This workshop will dig into the best practices for event planning — thoughtful advertising, securing the right venue, reaching out to your people, and filling the room.

Led by: Kasey Umland

Questions or Workshop Suggestions?

Contact Tyler Rotche, Student Engagement Program Coordinator of the University YMCA at or at 217.337.1514