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Student Leadership Development Series

Spring 2017 YWorkshop Series Schedule

Diversity and Communication: Beyond Numbers, With Numbers
January 31, 6-7 pm | Wahl Room
Presenter: Jake Akstins

In this workshop, Jake Akstins will facilitate a dialogue about diversity and inclusion from an analytical standpoint. In addition, this workshop will also touch on communication skills in a team setting.

Inclusion and Exclusion
February 16, 5-6 pm | Board Room
Presenter: Nicole Han

Do you know what inclusion and exclusion are? Why we include and exclude? What’s the significance of inclusion and exclusion? This workshop is for people who have any inclusion or exclusion experience and want to explore more to apply to daily life and future careers.

How to Build a Better Rally
March 1, 5-6 pm | Board Room
Presenter: Joe Edwards

People power is critical to promoting social change. Direct action and protest are some of the most important tools for accomplishing meaningful goals on an issue. This workshop will teach techniques to help define goals and develop strategy to help widen the scope and increase the impact of a protest, rally, or other action you might be panning.

How to Start an Organization
March 8, 5-6 pm | Board Room
Presenter: Hannah Schlacter

Have you ever wanted to start your own student organization on campus? Or start an organization that scales to other campuses around the world? Join us in learning how you can be a social entrepreneur by starting your own organization. This workshop will be led by the Bailey Scholar Hannah Schlacter, a senior who has started four organizations scaling from the campus-to-global level during her four years as a student.

From your Community to your Career
March 27, 7pm-8pm | Wahl Room
Presenter: Antwan Gallion

This workshop is for students with community service involvement to explore how to apply those hours, experience, and skills to gain leverage in your career and secure employment.

Self Development: Block Off This Time to Decompress and Reflect on Your Plan
April 5, 6-7 pm | K1
Presenter: Ben Daniels

This workshop is meant to be a time for self-reflection and story sharing. Take a pause to examine the path that you have traveled towards your goals and consider the best way forward. Be inspired by the stories of others and learn how to prepare yourself for the inevitable obstacles you will scale in your self development.



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