The University Y develops campus and community leaders committed to social justice, environmental protection, interfaith cooperation and global engagement by fostering dialogue, reflection and action.

We are for strengthening communities. How?


The Y responds to society’s most pressing needs by developing innovative community-based solutions to help all reach their full potential. We are committed to promoting meaning social change by calling people in to learn, grow, and advocate together.


With founding of Students for Environmental Concerns at the Y in 1970, the Y is about building tomorrow's environmentally conscious leaders and promoting clean, healthy communities. 


It seems like wherever you look, you’ll find stories of religious strife and images of hatred and violence. It’s no wonder the narrative around religious difference is constantly about conflict. The Y is about coming together to tell a different story. 


Since the creation of international programming in 1918, the Y has fostered the creation of dynamic, vibrant communities. Each and every day, our organization strives to operate with responsibility to meet the needs of our changing communities both at home and abroad.